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At NRMC, being a nurse centers on inspiring excellence everyday by demonstrating solid clinical skills, innovative customer service, and a commitment to help each patient do well. The hospital, clinics, and physician practices offer many areas of specialization, and nurses are encouraged to define their goals and interests and create their unique career paths. Helping one another become the best version of ourselves is a key focus of the NRMC nursing team.

Shared Governance

As a profession, nursing was one of the first to participate and promote the concept of shared governance. Simply stated shared governance is built upon shared values and organizational goals in which leadership and staff nurses work as one to promote quality care, patient safety, best practices, ethical standards, and day-to-day operational decision-making.

At NRMC, we believe each nurse has an important voice, and we encourage everyone to be a part of who we are as an organization by contributing their ideas, giving input, serving as patient advocates, identifying strengths and areas needing improvement, and being accountable. As a nursing team, we encourage all nurses to participate in making NRMC all that it can be.

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Nursing Recognition

Throughout the hospital, you’ll find recognition programs that identify those individuals who demonstrate the hospital core values, commit to the mission, and further the goals of their department, unit and organization.

Daisy Awards

NRMC implemented the DAISY Award program to celebrate the skillful, compassionate care nurses provide every day. Anyone may thank a nurse by filling out a DAISY form and submitting it. Forms are available at each nurses’ station as well as



At NRMC, mentoring within the field of nursing helps promote learning and teamwork. Helping new nurses onboard – whether they are highly experienced or new graduates or simply new to an area of specialization — we have found that through mentoring both the mentor and the mentee grow and become even stronger in their understanding of clinical practices. Mentoring helps promote understanding and provides development opportunities for our nursing team.

Professional Development

A culture of excellence defines the nursing program at NRMC. And central to this is the commitment to ensure opportunities for professional development. Being a nurse means always learning and growing emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. Professional development is not one size fits all but rather a unique set of opportunities that each nurse defines for her or his self. Based on skills, education, and experiences, professional development takes nurses to new levels of understanding within their chosen area of specialization. At NRMC, we encourage each nurse to create a career path based on their personal goals, aspirations, and abilities.

Leadership Academy

Each year, NRMC welcomes those who would like to become future leaders to apply to the Leadership Academy. This year long program explores finance, human resources, diversity and inclusion, quality measures, customer satisfaction and more and helps prepare participants for future roles at NRMC.

Clinical Practice

As a growing organization, NRMC expansions in recent years has included the opening of multiple primary care clinics as well as highly specialized physician practices and specialty clinics. All nurses, regardless of their specialization, strive to exceed professional standards and ethical codes related to the field of nursing and their area of expertise.

Wages and Benefits of NRMC Nursing

  • Market leader in nursing base pay rates
  • Unit differentials for Medical Surgical, Intensive Care, Emergency and Walk-In Clinic
  • Shift differentials for nights and weekends
  • Float differentials for nurses who work in other units
  • Career Ladder
  • Sign-on Bonus for qualifying positions and units
  • Rich medical benefits
  • Competitive retirement plan

How to Apply for a Nursing Position

Thank you for your interest in a career with NRMC. Please click the link below and complete our online application. If your qualifications meet the current needs of NRMC, you will be contacted by our Professional Recruiter or a hiring manager. Applications and resumes are only accepted online. If you have any questions regarding NRMC jobs and career opportunities, contact our Professional Recruiter, Randee Knapp at or call (318) 214-5819.


Career Ladder - Natchitoches Regional Medical Center Careers

The Career Ladder helps foster an atmosphere of service excellence. By developing positive and supportive attitudes, and recognizing and regarding strong performance, the Career Ladder program helps build professionalism, clerical skills, knowledge, quality improvement, and leadership. It also fosters job satisfaction through professional development and retention. NRMC’s Career Ladder program requires that the Associate meet both the professional standards of their department and key activity goals.

Pathway Designated - American Nurses - nursing jobs - become an associate

NRMC has achieved the prestigious Pathway to Excellence designation by the American Nurses Credentialing Center. This program recognizes health care organizations that have the essential elements of an ideal nursing practice environment. To earn Pathway designation, an organization must demonstrate that it has integrated 6 practice standards into its operating policies, procedures, and management structure.


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