Louisiana Extended Care Hospital

Louisiana Extended Care Hospital of Natchitoches (LECH) provides two key services on the NRMC campus: acute rehabilitation services for inpatient physical, speech and occupational therapy, and also extended care for patients with complex acute medical needs after being discharged from a traditional hospital. LECH is a separate entity from NRMC and is considered a hospital within a hospital. 

Rehabilitation Services

LECH works as a hospital within a hospital. After a person experiences a medical event, there is a window of time in which many patients need extensive rehabilitation to achieve a good outcome and recovery. Unlike a traditional hospital which provides care during the acute event such as a stroke, LECH is designed to provide a seamless continuity of care for patients after they are discharged from NRMC or another hospital. Generally, the amount of therapy needed over the next few weeks is around three or more hours per day. Each patient receives close supervision and is seen daily by a physician. The goal is to get people the immediate acute rehab they need so they can achieve their maximal functional level.

Long-term Acute Care Services

Apart from rehabilitation services, LECH also provides long-term acute care services for patients with complex medical needs after they are discharged from NRMC or another hospital. The interdisciplinary LECH team is highly trained and experienced in providing extended care for patients with the following:

  • Cardiovascular conditions
  • Infectious diseases
  • Respiratory conditions
  • Neuromuscular diseases
  • Neurological disorders
  • Hematological disorders
  • Renal disease
  • Diabetes management for post-surgical recovery
  • And other conditions. 

Under the supervision of a physician who sees each patient daily, the team provides highly individualized treatment plans.

The goal of extended care is to help each patient recover to the fullest extent possible before going home, and all within LECH’s inpatient hospital setting.

. Patients also have access to highly specialized services such as pulmonary vent weaning, wound care, medication management, intravenous therapy, and rehabilitation therapy all within LECH’s inpatient hospital setting. Patients benefit from excellent care close to home.”

Care Team

The LECH clinical team is experienced in caring for cardiovascular disorders, infectious diseases, respiratory conditions, neuromuscular diseases, neurological disorders, hematological disorders, renal disease, diabetes management for post-surgical recovery, and other complex health issues.

An interdisciplinary team meets to plan, monitor, and update each patient’s individualized care plan. If needed, adjustments are made to ensure each patient’s progress. The care team focuses on helping each patient achieve the care plan goals.

When a patient is ready to be discharged, the care team provides detailed discharge plans to the patient and family as well as to other caregivers. If a patient is being discharged to a group residence or a skilled nursing care facility, the LECH team ensure a seamless discharge plan to help ensure continuity of care after discharge from LECH.


Whether a patient comes to LECH from a skilled nursing facility, home health, the emergency department, or is referred by their primary care physician, LECH’s clinical team is experienced in performing prescreening evaluations to assess each individual’s long-term acute care needs.

 If needed, the admissions team can do on-site assessments to see if the patient is a candidate for long-term acute care, and they are available for patient and family teleconferences to discuss needs, expectations, and goals. Based on medical criteria, patients can then be admitted directly to LECH. If needed, transportation is available.

Comprehensive Care Plans

Upon admission, the physicians and clinical team create a detailed care plan and meet with patients and families to discuss the comprehensive services. There is a focus on patient and family education, and the team encourages all patients to ask questions and share their goals and expectations. Each care plan includes daily physician involvement and 24-hour nursing care, medication management, nutritional assessment and dietary management, case management, and social services. Laboratory, pharmacy, and radiology services are frequently included as well.

For patients with complex pulmonary needs, we provide ventilator weaning, pulmonary hygiene for tracheotomy, and chest physiotherapy. Many patients, including those recovering from strokes, benefit from physical, occupational, and speech language services.

For admission criteria and more information about care at Louisiana Extended Care Hospital of Natchitoches, please contact 318.354.2044.

Price Transparency

Louisiana Extended Care Hospital of Natchitoches is committed to help our patients make informed choices about their health care needs from start to finish.  We believe in providing excellent and compassionate services to anyone who walks through our doors. We take on the responsibility to educate our patients in all aspects of their medical journey, including insurance policies and finances. From policy coverage to deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses, our team is here to breakdown your policy thoroughly and efficiently.

Machine Readable Files

The link below is to a full listing of charges and services meant to meet government requirements, does not represent the totality of our efforts around price transparency and affordability, and cannot replace price estimations specific to each patient’s course of care. We encourage our patients to have one on one conversations with a patient account representative.

Cost of Services Files


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