Job Type: Full-time
Location: Natchitoches Regional Medical Center


Position Summary

The Van Driver safely transports patients from their home to appointments, coordinating transportation schedules, gathering and reporting data and assisting in clinic when not transporting patients. The van driver safely transports passengers throughout Natchitoches and surrounding parishes. The Van Driver also performs equipment maintenance, restocks supplies, performs clinical record keeping and non-clinical record keeping, and performs other duties as assigned by manager. The van driver may also perform the duties of the logistics courier driver if no driver is available.

Primary Responsibilities

Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the primary responsibilities.

1. Safely transports patients from their home to appointments. 

2. Transfer of Patients to receiving facility and communicates to receiving medical facility pertinent patient history, physical information, treatment information, and information concerning any interventions.

3. Restocks supplies.

4. Refuels units.

5. Washes units.

6. Checks vehicle fluid levels, adds fluids to vehicles if needed.

7. Checks IV pumps and suction devices for proper function.

8. Removes trash and linens from units.

9. Notifies supervisor of any discrepancies (equipment problems or failures, or potential dangers).

10. Notifies supervisor of maintenance related issues.

11. Non-clinical record keeping: enters information into Run Log Book, Log Book and Equipment Maintenance Log, and Required Signatures.

12. Perform miscellaneous duties as deemed appropriate, and when assigned by manager.

13. Manages transportation schedule and coordinates with Logistics Manager to maximize the efficiency of transportation for patients. 

Secondary Responsibilities (Only if Needed

1. Safely Transport NRMC supplies, materials, and labs to various locations throughout Natchitoches and surround parishes.


1. Ability to communicate information in writing and verbally in English.

2. Ability to read fuel gauges, other gauges, and fluid level indicators.

3. Skilled and safe emergency driving.

4. Knowledge of geographic area.

5. Ability to read maps.

6. Ability to proficiently use all phones and GPS equipment.

7. Ability to use appropriate discretion in handling confidential information and materials.

8. Knowledge in operation of small hand tools. 

9. Ability to interact with all customers (co-workers, patients, families, physicians, vendors, etc.)

10. Adheres to NRMC Standards of Behavior. 

Supervisory Responsibility



Required Education and Experience

1. High school diploma or GED required. 

2. Must Have or Be able Obtain First Aid and CPR Certifications.

3. Must Have or Be able to Possess Valid Class D Chauffer driver’s license.

4.  Must Be Able to Pass Defensive, Passenger Assistance, and Wheelchair Training Courses.

5. Must Be Able to Pass Motor Vehicle and Criminal Background Checks.

6. Must be at least age 23 (this is a requirement of our insurance carrier) with a clean DMV record. 

Preferred Education and Experience

1. Two years of experience transporting patients preferred. 

2. Preferred age of 25 with a clean DMV record. 



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