Job Type: Full-time
Location: NRMC Multispecialty Clinic


Position Summary

NRMC Pharmacy Manager is a highly motivated pharmacist capable of managing a retail pharmacy section within a high reliability organization. Our pharmacists play an important role in delivering medication and pharmaceutical care in communities that are most in need.

Primary Responsibilities

Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the primary responsibilities.

1. Develop and implement collaborative practice agreements to help drive patient medication compliance for high risk patients when applicable.

2. Implement best practices and ensure department compliance with state regulations.

3. Ensuring adequate staffing is present to fulfill the needs of the pharmacy or pharmacy department.

4. Maintaining accurate records of all prescription medication received and dispensed.

5. Ensure policies are in place regarding accurate dispensing and labeling of medications and those policies are followed.

6. Ensure that security of the prescription area and its contents are maintained at all times and the reporting of any thefts and/or diversions of controlled substances are reported upon discovery to the Office of Drug Control and the Drug Enforcement Administration pursuant to Federal and State requirements.

7. Ensuring only pharmacists and interns or externs under immediate personal supervision provide professional consultation with patients and physicians.

8. Not allowing misbranded, deteriorated, adulterated, improperly stored or outdated drugs or any drugs marked ‘‘sample’’ or with any like designation or meaning are dispensed or present in the active stock in the pharmacy.

9. Maintaining the pharmacy area in an orderly and sanitary manner.

10. Maintaining that pharmacy and all pharmacy personnel comply with all Federal and State statutes, rules and regulations governing the practice of pharmacy.


1. Technical capacity

2. Leadership

3. Collaboration skills

4. Customer/client focus

5. Problem solving/analysis

6. Time management

7. Ability to handle confidential information.

8. Excellent communication skills (written and verbal)

9. Ability to prioritize multiple job tasks in a fast-paced environment

Supervisory Responsibility

1. Manages and directs pharmacy support personnel.

2. Verifies the daily activities of pharmacy technicians.

3. Participates in the performance appraisal of pharmacy personnel.

4. Organizes and prioritizes work assignments.

5. Ensures pharmacy services are provided in a timely manner.


Required Education and Experience

1. A graduate of an accredited School of Pharmacy and licensed as a registered pharmacist by the Louisiana State Board of Pharmacy.

2. Currently licensed to practice pharmacy in the state of Louisiana.

3. Ability to function as an inpatient staff pharmacist as required

4. 3 to 5 years pharmacy experience

Preferred Education and Experience

1. Health system experience preferred.

2. Prior pharmacy management experience preferred.

3. Meditech experience preferred.

4. Monitoring billing accuracy, compliance issues, and structure preferred.

5. Experience building/maintaining pump libraries preferred.



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