Job Type: Full-time
Location: Natchitoches Regional Medical Center


Position Summary

*Monday – Friday

*No Call

*No Weekends

Job Summary Same Day Surgery Nurse:

Provides care in the ambulatory setting directed toward meeting both the psychosocial and physical needs of the patient. Is a resource person and teacher. Care given reflects initiative and responsibility indicative of professional expectations. Utilizes initiative and strives to maintain steady level of productivity. Is a self starter. Is compatible and supportive, and a team player. Communicates on behalf of the patient, reflects the mission, ethics and goals of the facility, as well as the focus statement of the department.

Primary Responsibilities

1. Adheres to dress code, appearance   is neat and clean, adheres to policy “Attire in the Operating Suite”.

2. Completes annual education   requirements.

3. Maintains regulatory requirements.

4. Maintains patient confidentiality   at all times.

5. Reports to work on time and as   scheduled, completes work within designated time.

6. Wears identification while on duty,   uses computerized punch time system correctly.

7. Completes inservices and returns in   a timely fashion. 

8. Attends annual review and department   inservices, as scheduled.

9. Attends at least 9 staff meetings   annually, reads and returns all monthly staff meeting minutes.

10. Represents the organization in a   positive and professional manner.

11. Actively participates in   performance improvement and continuous quality improvement (CQI) activities.

12. Complies with all organizational   policies regarding ethical business practices.

13. Communicates the mission, ethics   and goals of the facility, as well as the focus statement of the department.

14. Treats everyone with hospitality   and the highest standards of customer service; exhibits teamwork; represents   the organization in a positive and professional manner.

Demonstrates Competency in the Following Areas:

1. Coordinates and supervises patient care.

2. Approaches patient in a kind,   gentle and friendly manner. Treats   patients and their families with respect and dignity.  Practices good guest relations

3. Identifies and addresses   psychosocial needs of patients and family.

4. Gives patient explanations and   verbal reassurances consistently, gives explanations and teaching to   patient/family as necessary.

5. Formulates a teaching plan based on   identified patient learning needs, and evaluates effectiveness of learning,   family is included in teaching as appropriate, from pre-op to discharge.

6. Responds to patient’s inappropriate   behavior in a therapeutic manner.

7. Maintains an environment that   provides the patient and family with feelings of safety and security.

8. Adapts procedures for treatment to   meet individual needs of neonate, pediatric, adolescent, adult and geriatric   patients.

9. Demonstrates knowledge of pre   operative and intra operative factors that alter immediate postoperative   phase.

10. Makes decisions reflecting   knowledge of facts, knowledge of diseases/surgical conditions, care required,   and good judgment.

11. Manages and operates equipment   safely and correctly

12. Utilizes nursing procedures as a   media for communication and interaction with patient.

13. Identifies physical symptoms and   changes and takes appropriate action in a timely manner.

14. Consults other departments as   needed and as appropriate to provide for an interdisciplinary approach to the   patient’s needs. Maintains a good   working relationship and effective communication both within the department   and with other departments for the benefit of the patient.

15. Completes treatments as ordered.

16. Demonstrates an ability to assist   physicians in SDS, OR, PACU or Endo Suite.

17. Demonstrates knowledge of airway   management and procedures and the ability to use the equipment.

18. Demonstrates ability to assess   cardio-respiratory systems for changes and provides appropriate treatment.

19. Observes behavioral and physiologic   changes due to medications, takes appropriate actions and documents. Adjusts expectations of patient behavior   and acts according to the effect medication has on patient.

20. Demonstrates ability to provide   specific care to postoperative neonate, pediatric, adolescent, adult and   geriatric patients.

21. Carries out medical/surgical   asepsis during treatments and special procedures.

22. Carries out established techniques   for safe administration of medications and parenteral fluids, according to   hospital policies and procedures.

23. Carries out safety measures to   prevent patient from harming him/herself or others.

24. Assessments and reassessment of the   patient are clearly and concisely communicated in charting. Documentation meets current standards,   policies and procedures and is completed within the shift.

25. Protects patient’s sensitivities   and right to privacy.

26. Demonstrates knowledge of   anesthetic drugs, actions and side effects.

27. Demonstrates knowledge of arterial lines, Swan-Ganz, spinal and epidural catheters and how to document.

28. Demonstrates ability to make   independent and intelligent nursing decisions in the care of patients.

29. Obtains, documents and assesses   vital signs every five (5) minutes or every fifteen (15) minutes as indicated   by patient’s status and recovery location.

30. Medicates postoperative patient, as needed after pain assessment and evaluation of patient’s condition.

31. Closely observes patient with   minimal disturbance.

32. Has ability to assess and reassess   pain. Utilizes appropriate pain management techniques. Educates the patient   and family regarding pain management.

33. Performs all aspects of patient care in an environment that optimizes patient safety and reduces the   likelihood of medical/health care errors.

34. Has ability to formulate an   individualized plan of care as indicated and evaluates for effectiveness.

35. Responds appropriately to patient   in an emergency or physically distressful situation.

36. Provides family with the   opportunity for reciprocal communication with the nursing staff.

37. Communicates effectively and   thoroughly the patient’s condition upon transfer from one nursing unit to   another.

38. Notifies physician of any abnormal lab/test results.

39. Establishes and maintains effective communication and good working relationships with co-workers for the   patient’s benefit.

40. Maintains regulatory agency   requirements, hospital and nursing policies, procedures and standards. Counts narcotics at end of the shift per   policies and procedures.

41. Organizes and manages nursing activities   reflecting due consideration for patients/ needs and the needs of the   facility and staff.

42. Makes decisions reflecting   knowledge of dysrhythmias, followed by appropriate treatment.

43. Completes specially assigned duties   consistently and as schedule allows.

44. Utilizes initiative; strives to   maintain steady level of productivity; self-motivated. Organizes and manages activities reflecting   due consideration for the needs of the department and staff. Does not waste time.

45. Ability to perform a “head to toe”   preoperative assessment on all patients and reassess as needed   postoperatively. This includes   pediatric, geriatric, and the general patient population.

Supervisory Responsibility



Required Education and Experience

1. Graduate from an accredited school of nursing

2. Current registered nurse licensure in the state of Louisiana

3. Current BCLS certification. 

4. Current ACLS certification or Basic EKG/Arrhythmia-identification preferred.

5. Current PALS certification preferred. 

6. For SDS, two (2) years Nursing experience preferred 

Preferred Education and Experience

1. Ability to communicate effectively in English, both verbally and in writing.

2. Additional languages preferred.

3. Basic computer knowledge.



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