Job Type: Full-time
Location: NRMC Walk-In / Primary Care Clinic
Department: NRMC Walk-in Clinic


Individual who is a graduate of an accredited APRN program, and successfully passed certifying examination, and who is approved by the Louisiana State Board of Nursing, Advanced Practice Nursing to perform medical services and treatment of patients with an approved Collaborative Practice Agreement. Provides professional nursing care within the Emergency Department and Urgent Care setting, coordinates care planning with other disciplines, and provides direct and indirect patient care. Provides care that reflects initiative, flexibility and responsibility indicative of professional expectation with minimum supervision. Is able to triage safely, rapidly, and accurately, every patient that enters the clinic setting. Determine priorities of care based on physical and psychosocial needs, as well as factors influencing patient flow through the system. Communicates with Emergency Department physicians about changes in patient’s status, symptomatology, and results of diagnostic studies. Is able to respond quickly and accurately to patient’s condition or response of treatment. This position will mimic the school system’s summer schedule (excluding holidays) being paid 9 months’ salary over a 12 month period. You will be required to work (3) 12 hour shifts per week during the school systems scheduled calendar. This position will have 10 PTO days a year.


1. Provides direct patient care, evaluates outcomes, consults with other specialists as required and adjusts care processes as indicated to ensure optimal patient care. 

2. Ability to perform/dictate/write history and physical assessments on all patients and reassessments as per policy.

  1. Dictates and writes progress notes.
  2. Dictates discharge summaries.
  3. Initiates and transcribes orders of sponsoring physician via verbal communication to the nurse. 
  4. Initiates appropriate evaluation and assist in emergency management for emergency situations such as cardiac arrest, respiratory distress, burns and hemorrhage.
  5. Reviews patient records to determine health status. 

Additional Responsibilities

1. Participates in a variety of unit and management meetings.

2. Participates in long-range operational and strategic planning.

3. Participates in professional development to maintain administrative and clinical competence.

4. Performs other related duties as assigned.

5. Cleanse/dress wounds

6. Suture minor wounds/lacerations.

7. Remove sutures. 

8. Assist in management of injuries. 

9. Apply splints/casts.

10. Special procedures: Tie, cut, and remove sutures

11. Special procedures: Open Incision and drainage, apply packing 

12. Adhere to dress code, appearance is neat and clean.

13. Completes annual education requirements.

14. Maintains regulatory requirements. 

15. Maintains patient confidentiality at all times. 

16. Reports to work on time and as scheduled. 

17. Wears identification while on duty; uses computerized punch time system correctly. 

18. Attends annual review and department in services, as scheduled. 

19. Attends monthly staff meetings or reads and returns all monthly staff meeting minutes. 

20. Represents the organization in a positive and professional manner in the community. 

21. Works at maintaining a good rapport and a cooperative working relationship with physicians, departments, and staff. 

22. Actively participates in performance improvement and continuous quality improvement activities. 

23. Complies with all organizational policies regarding ethical business practices. 

24. Communicates the mission, ethics and goals of the facility, as well as the focus statement of the department. 



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