Job Type: Full-time
Location: NRMC Multispecialty Clinic



NRMC Clinics will maintain a Float Pool, made up of clerical staff to ensure patient care support staffing needs are always met. The Float Pool is to provide a flexible, attractive employment opportunity for clerical staff. 

Position Summary:

Responsible for and performs those duties consistent with the job description for clerical staff in the medical practice setting. Performs other tasks as assigned.

Primary Responsibilities


A. Eligibility:

Clerical staff hired to work in the Float Pool must have at least 6 months in a clinic setting. Float pool clerical staff will be oriented to all clinics and competencies completed before assignment to that department.

1. Float pool associates will be expected to work the required hours to stay in the position of Float Pool associate 

2. Float Pool associates who fail to meet any of the requirements outlined in this policy will not be eligible to continue work in the float pool or if they leave the hospital will not be allowed to work for the hospital through an agency for a period of one year following their separation.

3. Must complete all compliance & regulatory assignments, Care Learning, competency assessments, etc.

C.   Scheduling:

1. The clinic administration does not guarantee a specific assignment location to Float Pool associates. The clinic reserves the right to cancel shifts as deemed appropriate. 

2. Float Pool associates are responsible for submitting a written or emailed schedule to the Revenue Cycle Manager by the Monday prior to the upcoming month of work, which begins on Sunday. 

3. Float Pool associates will be assigned to a department upon scheduling but is subject to be floated to a different area when needed.

4. Float Pool associates requesting schedule changes must submit request to the Revenue Cycle Manager at least 72 hours prior to scheduled shift. Request may be denied if coverage is unavailable.

5. Part time Float Pool associates are required to schedule 24 hours per week. Full Time Float Pool associates are required to schedule 30 hours per week. Associates who do not schedule the required shifts will receive written notification of a first occurrence and a second failure will be grounds for termination. The associate will receive written notification of this action.

6. Float Pool associates will adhere to the absenteeism policy and all other policies as outlined in Human Resources Policies.

Weekend and Holiday requirements:

1. Float Pool associates are required to work two (2) recognized holidays(listed below) per calendar year if requested.

2. Float Pool associates are required to work one (1) scheduled weekend per month, or two (2) weekend shifts per month. Weekend shift begins Saturday at 8am and ends Sunday at 8pm.

3. Float Pool associates who fail to meet the above weekend and holiday requirements (unless approved by Manager) are subject to Progressive discipline. The employee will receive written notice of this action. If there are special circumstances, such as medical leave of absence, etc., arrangements must be made with Clinic Scheduling Coordinator. 

Observed Holidays (Clinic/Departments close):

New Year’s Day Labor Day

Good Friday Thanksgiving Day

Memorial Day Christmas Day
Independence Day

Paid Holidays (if you work the holiday):

New Year’s Day Labor Day

Easter Thanksgiving Day

Memorial Day Christmas Day
Independence Day

Primary Responsibilities

Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the primary responsibilities.

1. Assists with opening clinic, and insuring readiness for daily activities.

2. Insures patient examination rooms and laboratory areas are ready for daily activity.

3. Assists with patient calls, prescription refills, notification of lab/test results, and scheduling of referral patients.

4. Assists in inventory and ordering of clinic supplies.

5. Response to the patient is appropriate in emergency or physically distressful situation.

6. Maintains a good working relationship both within the department and with other departments of the hospital.

7. Demonstrates an ability to be flexible, organized and function under stressful situations.

8. Manages and operates equipment safely and correctly.


1. Leadership.

2. Collaboration Skills.

3. Customer/Client Focus.

4. Problem Solving/Analysis.

5. Time Management.

6. Billing and compliance regulations for all payers 


Required Education and Experience

1. One year experience in a medical practice setting 

2. Demonstration of excellent patient experience skills 

3. Basic computer knowledge 

4. Understanding of patient confidentiality 

5. Ability to adapt to all clinic environments

Preferred Education and Experience

1. Experience with Meditech or other documentation systems 

2. Advanced degree in Business or related field 



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