Job Type: Full-time
Location: Natchitoches Regional Medical Center


Position Summary

Under the direct supervision of a Registered Nurse or Licensed Nurse, the Nursing Assistant performs routine tasks in patient care and bedside nursing. This position requires direct patient care.

Primary Responsibilities

1. Able to obtain vital signs to include temperature, pulse, blood pressure, respirations, and Sa02 accurately. 

2. Measures fluid intake and output accurately every shift. Measures meal intake daily in percentages and submits to the nurse taking care of the patient at the end of shift. 

3. Collects specimens according to hospital policy and procedure on an as needed basis. Able to give enemas, douches, and/or sitz baths as directed according to hospital policy and procedure.

4. Follows standard and isolation precautions according to hospital policy and procedure. 

5. Able to recognize potential for or actual skin problems and reports to nurse. 

6. Able to bathe patients according to hospital policy and procedure. Able to perform ADL’s as directed by the nurse.

7. Makes patient beds according to hospital policy and procedure. 

8. Able to apply splints and adaptive equipment as directed by therapists or nurse. 

9. Able to follow through with the Bowel and Bladder program for patients as directed by nurse.

10. Follows all risk protocol by careful observation of those patients that are at risk for falls. 

11. Able to obtain accurate patient weight using rolling sling bed scale, wheelchair scale, bed scale, and/or standup scale. 

12. Demonstrates safe and proper transfer techniques and body mechanisms when working with patients such as when turning or ambulating a patient.

13. Correctly administers dysphagia techniques during mealtime with patients that have swallowing problems. 

14. Able to demonstrate the proper use of equipment as directed by the nurse or therapist according to hospital policy and procedure (IVAC, B/P machine, CPM, etc.).

15. Cleans and stores equipment properly such as rolling bed scale, wheelchairs, bedside commodes, etc. Cleans and keeps work areas and patient rooms neat and tidy.

16. Updates the patients’ bulletin boards in their rooms as needed. Checks the patient food trays for accuracy of diets and distributes as directed by nurse. 


1. Completes annual education requirements.

2. Maintains regulatory requirements.

3. Basic computer knowledge.

4. Ability to use appropriate discretion in handling of confidential information and materials.

Supervisory Responsibility



Required Education and Experience

1. CPR certification.

2. CNA certification.

3. High school diploma or equivalent

4. Knowledge of basic patient care techniques and skills.



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