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Since 1987, the Natchitoches Regional Medical Center Foundation has supported the Hospital’s mission of providing care to Natchitoches Parish. The Foundation’s Volunteer Board works within the community to raise awareness and important funds through charitable giving, corporate partner support, and events.


The NRMC Foundation’s mission is to ensure Natchitoches Regional Medical Center is equipped to excel in delivering healthcare excellence for every member of our community – without exception.

2022 Foundation Board

Ryan Todtenbier, Chairman
Dan Seymour, Vice-Chairman
Mary White, Secretary
Kirk Soileau, NRMC CEO
Marion Johnston
Jennifer Maggio
Sharon Huey
Cindy Allen
Hillary Bennett
Don Mims
Ricky LaCour
Gina Puls
Howard Conday
Kathy Richmond
Laurie Morrow
Sarah Nelson

2021 Moms & Babies Project

At Natchitoches Regional Medical Center our Labor and Delivery staff take pride in providing quality care with compassion and believe each patient deserves the best care possible. Our Labor and Delivery nurses are trained to care for patients before, during and after giving birth providing personalized care for our neighbors, friends, and community.

In order to assure our families and their newest additions get the best quality care the NRMC Foundation launched our We Care for Moms & Babies campaign.   This campaign:

  • Protects moms and babies with state-of-the-art monitoring software and equipment.
  • Equips physicians with access to critical health information at any time and from anywhere.
  • Improves the labor & delivery experience with new safe, comfortable birthing beds and sleeper chairs.

2020 3 – D Mammography Project

Research shows that 1 in every 8 American women will be diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in their life.  Breast cancer has the highest incident rate of all types of cancer in Louisiana with the second highest death rate.   Knowing the critical importance of early detection, NRMC took action by opening a brand new Breast Health Center with the latest in 3D digital mammography.  This technology is superior in that it (1) is more comfortable for women, (2) produces much fewer false positives, and (3) results in less exposure to radiation for the patient.  This service had not been available in Natchitoches forcing women to drive an hour or more one way north or south to access the technology.  The design of the new NRMC Breast Center focuses on comfort and convenience for the women of Natchitoches and neighboring parishes.

The NRMC Foundation successfully conducted a philanthropic campaign to raise funds to bring 3-D Digital Mammography to Natchitoches.  Through multiple community-oriented events (Steel Magnolia Run and Tappedtober), donations from individual community members and civic organizations, and our own associates conducting numerous internal fundraising activities, two 3-D mammography units are now serving the women of our community in the NRMC Breast Center.  This is truly a community initiative.  Your financial support is greatly appreciated and is saving lives through early detection of breast cancer.

Nursing and Allied Health Education Aid

Since 2000, the NRMC Foundation has provided nearly $450,000 in education aid to students in the fields of nursing, radiology, laboratory sciences, and pharmacology who have returned to work in the health care field at our medical center.

The NRMC Foundation provides assistance to those pursuing a Bachelor, Master or Doctorate degree in Nursing or an Allied Health.  Applicants must have been accepted into a clinical program or appropriate graduate school, and have a 3.0 GPA.  A copy of the school’s transcript and letter of acceptance is to be submitted with the application. The current scholarship assistance is in the amount of $2,000 per semester for four semesters.  Proof of GPA and schedule of courses must be provided at the beginning of each semester.

The intent is that the student will upon graduation complete two-years of full-time employment with NRMC which will forgive the indebtedness $4,000 for each 12 months of continuous employment except for military duty or Family Medical Leave Act. Should the student leave the employment of NRMC before completing two years, the remaining balance will be due immediately.

Download our Education Financial Assistance Application

Wellness Grants

Since 2005, the NRMC Foundation has provided financial resources to area agencies and organizations who are involved in delivering healthcare services and wellness programs to area residents.

The NRMC Foundation awards grants annually to those organizations that provide and promote healthy lifestyles and environments through healthcare services and education. The Board at its discretion may issue an additional call for grants as deemed appropriate within a twelve-month period. Notice will be published in the local newspaper. Applications will be available via the hospital website, e-mail, US mail or in hospital administration.

Eligibility is limited to those organizations and agencies with nonprofit status. Capital items such as construction, remodeling projects and salaries will not be considered. Grant applicants must be able to match up to 50% of the funds awarded.

The amount of the grant to be awarded will be determined by the Board once all applications are received and reviewed. Recipients will be selected by the Board of Directors and notified by mail within 10 days of the selection process. Recipients must submit a six-month update in writing and a full evaluation of the project upon the one year anniversary date of the grant disbursement.

Please include the following information when applying for a grant:

  • Completed application form
  • List of Board Members and their addresses
  • Project Narrative
  • Financial Statements (including budget for the program)
  • Recent copy of 501(c) (3) IRS tax exception
  • Two letters of community support for the proposed project.

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