The Natchitoches Regional Medical Center provides scholarship assistance to those pursuing a degree in Nursing or an Allied Health field to include Bachelor, Master and Doctorate degrees. The number of scholarships are not limited but are awarded according to the needs of NRMC to meet anticipated staffing requirements for the future. However, The Board may at any time vote to cap the number of active scholarships.

Applicants must have been accepted into a clinical program or appropriate graduate school, and have a 2.5 GPA. A copy of the school's transcript and letter of acceptance is to be submitted with the application. The application is then reviewed with the Department Manager, Administration and/or Human Resources to validate the need for additional position.

The current scholarship assistance is in the amount of $1,500 per semester for four semesters. The Board may adjust the amount of assistance per semester based on market conditions and may approve additional semesters based upon the requirements of said degree pursued. Proof of GPA and schedule of courses must be provided at the beginning of each semester.

A Scholarship Forgiveness Note will be signed that outlines the methods of repayment of said scholarship. The intent is that the student will upon graduation commit to a two year employment with NRMC that will forgive the indebtedness $3,000 for each 12 months of continuous employment except for military duty or Family Medical Leave Act. No partial year will be considered. Should the student leave the employment of NRMC before completing two years, the remaining balance will be due immediately.

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The Natchitoches Regional Medical Center Foundation will award grants annually to those organizations that provide and promote healthy lifestyles and environments through healthcare services and education. The Board at its discretion may issue an additional call for grants as deemed appropriate within a twelve month period. Notice will be published in the local newspaper. Applications will be available via the hospital website, e-mail, US mail or in hospital administration.

Eligibility is limited to those organizations and agencies with 501 c 3 status. Capital items such as construction, remodeling projects and salaries will not be considered. Grant applicants must be able to match up to 50% of the funds awarded.

The amount of the grant to be awarded will be determined by the Board once all applications are received and reviewed. A technical review of all applications will be completed and those not meeting the criteria will not be considered. Recipients will be selected by the Board of Directors and notified by mail within 10 days of the selection process. Recipients must submit a six month update in writing and a full evaluation of the project upon the one year anniversary date of the grant disbursement.

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Please include the following information when applying for a grant:

Completed application form
List of Board Members and their addresses
Project Narrative
Financial Statements (including budget for the program)
Recent copy of 501(c) (3) IRS tax exception
Two letters of community support for the proposed project.