Obstetrics, Nursery and Pediatrics

Natchitoches Regional Medical Center’s Obstetrics Department delivers 600 babies each year. Our Labor and Delivery unit is designed with mom’s comfort and privacy in mind and offers comprehensive care for our obstetrical patients.

There are four Labor, Delivery and Recovery (LDR) rooms, a surgery suite for Cesarean procedures, exam rooms, two post anesthesia rooms, three triage rooms, and private rooms in the post partum unit, and a state-of-the-art nursery.

The experienced nursing team includes registered nurses, nurse practitioners, and many others who work closely with the Obstetrics (OB) doctors to ensure the unique medical needs of each patient are met.

An important focus is the management of pain during the birthing experience. The staff is trained to assist the laboring mom with an individualized plan for pain control and comfort. A variety of techniques are used such as rocking, walking, aromatherapy, music and sound therapy, muscle relaxation, massages, heat/cold pack therapy and many more.

Additional services offered through the Labor and Delivery Unit include:

  • Antepartum testing
  • Pre-term labor management
  • Pregnancy induced hypertensive
  • Cervical incompetence management

Moms are welcome to tour the Obstetrics Unit. Please call 214-4335 to schedule a visit.


Babies can “room in” with moms after birth. However, our Level I Nursery is in close proximity and staffed to care for newborns around the clock or as mom needs.

Visiting hours are 8:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m., and siblings are welcome to visit in Mom’s room. The unit is family centered and strives to create a warm and nurturing environment. The nursery window allows for viewing the babies until visiting hours conclude at 8:30 each evening.

The nursing team serves as an important resource for moms and are available to answer questions about how to care for the baby, breastfeeding, and the other needs.  The nurses are certified in intermediate fetal monitoring and neonatal resuscitation.

The unit also has monitoring devices and protocols in place to ensure the safety of the babies so that no baby can leave the unit undetected.


Natchitoches Regional Medical Center offers inpatient pediatric care on the second floor where the nursing team provides exceptional care for pediatric patients from infants to teenagers with a wide range of health needs ranging from surgery to acute illnesses.

The experienced staff is PALS certified and understands the unique needs of their young patients and their families. Communication plays a key role in any hospital stay, and parents are encouraged to ask questions and participate in their child’s care plan.

All guests are asked to wash hands before and after each visit to help reduce the spread of germs to the children.